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Why Movado Watches are a Popular Choice

Why Movado Watches are a Popular Choice

Buying an upscale watch is a lot like buying a car. You want something fashionable that says something about your personality. You want a name brand that is known for quality in it’s manufacturing. You want something that will turn heads yet will function in all types of conditions. If you are shopping for a new watch, a Movado might be the brand you’ll fall in love with. At Village Watch Center, we have Movado watches and a variety of other brands. Stop in and let us be your favorite watch specialist in Boston. 

The Movado Brand is Known for Innovation

Before you test-drive a Movado, there are a few things you should know. You wouldn’t drive a car without knowing at least a little about the manufacturer, would you?! Movado watches have been around since 1881! The company was founded by 19-year-old Achille Dditesheim. And don’t think for one minute that they aren’t operating in this century. Movado has some very cool smart watches that blow the competition off the map. The Movado brand is known for quality and the innovation of their designs. If you are a watch buyer, Boston knows that Village Watch Center has the largest selection in the area. 

Quality Watches

Movado carries a quality line of watches for men and women that range from sophisticated to sporty. There are watches for even the most distinguished taste. If you happen to already own a Movado, remember Village Watch Center for watch repair in Boston. If you are in the market for a used watch, stop in and let us show you our selection. From first time watches to gifts that will be remembered forever, we have exactly what you’re looking for. At Village Watch Center we also do vintage watch repairs. 

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Why Movado Watches are a Popular Choice

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