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Sleek and Elegant Design Embodied in Movado

Sleek and Elegant Design Embodied in Movado

Why Village Watch Center Loves a Movado

Village Watch Center of Boston has years of experience with many different watch brands and companies. We recognize quality and unique design. We have come to appreciate the sleek design and elegance represented in Movado from our work with Movado watch repair, Movado watch cleaning, and Movado watch maintenance. We are proud to buy used Movado watches and to sell the highest quality Movado watches.

You can tell just by looking...

We enjoy watching customers' reactions when they first see a Movado. It captures the attention and imagination immediately. The deep, black dial is striking. Movado has a unique and consistent signature in all its designs from the Museum Watch in the 1940's up to the MotionX based sports line of watches for both men and women.

The bright circle focal point at the twelve position on the face is a staple of every one of their designs from throughout their banner history. Movados have a look that defines them without an elaborate complexity that might dilute their brand or mar the elegance of their sleek design style.

The reactions of customers speak for themselves.

The perfect, subtle statement...

We love that Movado serves the luxury customer without creating a gaudy look that prevents some luxury watch brands from working in all social or business situations. Movado speaks of quality on the wrist without ever being a distraction.

Visit us at Village Watch Center in Boston to see what we have to offer with Movado and other quality watch brands.

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Sleek and Elegant Design Embodied in Movado

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