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Chelsea Clock Repair

Chelsea clock repair in Boston

Few companies are as integral to the history of clock manufacturing in the United States as the Chelsea Clock Company. The company's world-renowned craftsmen have been designing and manufacturing clocks since 1897, earning the distinction of being among the oldest continually operating clock manufacturers in the nation.

There's no better choice for Chelsea Clock repair than Village Watch Center on account of both our experience and our proximity to Chelsea. After all, Chelsea Clock was founded in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and continues to manufacture clocks at the same headquarters to this day.

In fact, the company is so ingrained in our state that it originally went through names like Harvard Clock, Boston Clock, and Eastman Clock before the legacy of the Chelsea Clock Company was born. The company grew astoundingly fast after settling on a name and had established distribution in every major U.S. city by 1905.

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A Handcrafted Chelsea Clock Stands the Test of Time

Chelsea Clock is well-deserving of its reputation as an essential supplier of luxury interior décor and distinguished business gifts. Even the U.S. Government acknowledged the exquisite quality of Chelsea Clock products when it began ordering marine clocks in the early 20th century. This relationship was further strengthened when the company began producing the original Airplane Clock for the U.S. Navy in 1934. Presidents from George W. Bush to Barack Obama have gifted Chelseas to foreign leaders, and the company's clocks were prominently featured in the workplaces of John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, and Lyndon Johnson.

A small selection of other iconic moments in the company's history includes clock production for Rolls Royce in 1903, an all-hands-on-deck manufacturing effort during WWII, and an important 1975 parent for the Tide Clock mechanism. Fast forward to the present day, and Chelsea Clock continues to innovate with a wide catalog of clocks for all home and business settings.

One example of the company's unrivaled attention to detail is its collection of Ship's Bell Clocks. The first Ship Bell Mechanism dates back to the late 19th century, and exquisite craftsmanship is still at the heart of every new Ship's Bell Clock. These clocks feature 290 individual brass and steel parts with 11-jewel clock movements, all of which are hand-polished and lacquered for years upon years of timekeeping excellence.

If you've been searching for “expert Chelsea clock repair near me,” you've found the area's clock restoration experts. Our master clocksmiths are experts in the field of horology, which is the study of timekeeping and the techniques needed to restore timepieces. We are honored here at Village Watch Center to get to work with acclaimed Chelsea Clocks and have helped repair and restore Ship's Bell Clocks, Patriot Desk Clocks, Barometers, Constitution Clocks, and Mayfair Clocks. We look forward to directing our undivided attention to your beloved clock and providing a free Chelsea Clock repair cost estimate to do a quality clock repair.

All of this is to say that Chelsea Clock is an essential part of U.S. life, and this impressive lineage continues to be a driving factor in the enduring love that clock lovers have for the company. Whether you need a tune-up of one of Chelsea Clock's latest products or require a full restoration of a family heirloom, Village Watch Center is the preferred choice for Chelsea Clock repair in Boston.

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