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The Tissot World of Watches

The Tissot World of Watches

What's Swiss made, affordable and stylish with a 2-year warranty? If you guessed a Tissot watch you are correct. The Tissot brand has been around since 1853 but keeps current in design and innovation. With sponsorship in NASCAR with driver Danica Patrick and a line of NBA watches, there is something for everyone in the Tissot line of watches. 

Village Watch Center Sells Tissot Watches

At Village Watch Center, we sell Tissot watches and offer a wide variety of services of including a watch specialist in Boston. Let a professional answer your questions and show you why Tissot is a popular brand. Get familiar with Village Watch Center and learn about our vintage watch repair services, our watch and clock repair services in Boston and see our vast line of watches. With over thirty-years of experience, we know what's going on in the watch industry.

Tissot Offers a Tour-de-France Watch

The Tissot brand offers watches for men and women in different lines that appeal to interests such as ice hockey, NBA, Tour-de-France, NASCAR and others. Tissot watches start at an affordable rate and increase accordingly for superb quality and workmanship. If you already have a Tissot watch, Village Watch Center has experience in repairing and refurbishing. From mild tune-ups to full-scale refurbishing projects, we can assist with any of your watch needs. 

Shop Village Watch Center for Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, Village Watch Center is your one-stop-shop. Watches make exceptional, thoughtful gifts and wonderful heirlooms that can be passed down throughout generations. Tissot watches are an excellent choice for gift giving and they are available at Village Watch Center in many styles and designs.

Stop in today to see our line of Tissot watches and watch their eyes light up this holiday season. 


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The Tissot World of Watches

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