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Jewelry Watch Repair in Brookline, MA

Jewelry Watch Repair in Brookline, MA

When was the last time you took your watch for maintenance?

The diamond in your treasured jewelry timepiece has fallen out, and you need an expert who can fix it. Your jewelry watch, that was a gift of your grandfathers, has stopped ticking and you do not know what to do.  The glass in your emerald encrusted watch has cracked, and you need to repair the watch for your next business trip.

Your favorite gold watch looks old and tainted, and your want to return it to its original splendor.

In each of these scenarios, the one place you must visit is our watch repair shop in the Boston area. We specialize in the repair and maintance of jewelry watches with gold or precious stones, such as diamonds, emeralds, and even rubies. The masters of jewelry watch repair have the vast skills and expertise to repair your treasured and sacred timepiece.

The main indicators that your jewelry piece needs repair are:

  • The jewelry watch has stopped ticking.
  • The watch is more than a minute too fast, or more than a minute too slow.
  • Precious stones in the watch are loose or have fallen out.
  • The gold or silver in the jewelry watch is tainted or has bent.
  • You have inserted a new battery, and your beautiful watch still does not work  


We have wachmakers who know how to best serve your jewelry watch repair needs

If any of these are true of your cherished watch, bring your watch to our clock repair shop in the Boston area, where our watchmakers and repairs will be glad to assist you with any of your jewelry watch needs. Whether you have a gold watch which has great value that need repair, or a diamond encrusted watch that you plan to pass down to you grandchildren, we can restore your jewelry timepiece to its original look. We promise to not change your watch more than is necessary, and take care of your watch like it is one of ours. Hundreds of customers have loved our service over the decades that we have been and business, and we promise that you will too! 

Don’t attempt to repair your jewelry watch at home!

Jewelry watch repair is a form of art that only some clockmakers like ones at our watch repair shop have mastered. Your repairs have to be done by professionals, because doing otherwise puts your watch and its precious stones and metals at risk of becoming ruined. The only thing that your have to do is tell us your jewelry watch repair needs, and we can assist you in the rest of the process. You give us your broken watch, and we will give it back to you looking like new! Visit our watch repair shop to find out more information about us and our services, and we vow to help you with any of you jewelry watch repair needs. 

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Jewelry Watch Repair in Brookline, MA

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