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5 Tips for Buying Vintage Watches

5 Tips for Buying Vintage Watches

From the Experts at Village Watch Center in Brookline Village, MA

At Village Watch Center, we have a lot of experience and a great passion for vintage watches. With years of experience serving the Boston area with clock and watch repair, we have helped many watch buyers and clock buyers in Boston. Vintage watch buyers are looking for something special and they keep coming to us for vintage watch purchases and vintage watch repairs in Boston. Rolex watch repair alone sets us apart from all other options in the area. We take our reputation as the premiere location for watch sales and watch service seriously. There is no better place in Boston to seek service for your Patek Philippe repair or your Omega Rolex watch repair.

Since we spend so much time and care selling the best vintage watches and repairing the watches buyers found other places, we want to share some expert tips for those discerning buyers looking for the very best to wear on their wrists.

5) The Seller Needs to Care as Much as the Buyer.

This means expertise. Vintage watch sales cannot be an afterthought for your seller or you are at the wrong place. If the seller cannot pronounce the brands or knows less than what you found on the Internet, you need to go somewhere else. Vintage watches are a passion and an investment. Your seller needs to show that level of attention to detail, passion for the product, discernment between brands, and professional knowledge.

4) Vintage Does Not Mean It Shouldn’t Look Like New.

Calling a watch vintage is no excuse for it looking less than perfect. All watches need service over time, and a vintage watch is worth servicing, but that care better be apparent at the point that you are looking to buy. If it does not look as good as the day it was first sold, you can do better

3) Function Still Matters.

Your style and the fit of the watch to your lifestyle still matter. This does not mean this is the timepiece you use as your sports watch, but it should fit your style, look good where you wear it, and serve its functional purpose for the occasions, both special and every-day, that you wear it. Does it fit you?

2) Do Not Settle.

If there are features or materials you prefer, don’t let a seller talk you into taking something else off their hands. This watch purchase is an investment, so invest wisely. This sale is not meant to serve the dealer. It has to serve you because you are the one living with this decision and spending the money. Get exactly what you want and nothing less.

1) Ongoing Care and Service Matters.

The watch should be in the best condition when you buy it, but you will need to consider what it takes to keep it that way. This is not an off-the-rack drugstore watch purchase. You will not be tossing this one out for a new one. The right vintage watch should be able to last you a lifetime, if you want it that long. Find a watch seller who knows how to service and repair your timepiece for as long as you need.

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5 Tips for Buying Vintage Watches

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