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Corum Watches - The Ultimate Luxury Brand

Corum Watches - The Ultimate Luxury Brand

Founded in 1955, Swiss made Corum watches are the epitome of extravagance and luxury. With designs so frill and technology so advanced, they’ve taken their skills and traditions of the past and combined them with cutting-edge features made for today’s world. At Village Watch Center we sell Corum watches brand new and gently used. 

The Admiral’s Cup

Corum watches are famous for a few things, one being the Corum Admiral’s Cup Watch which was introduced in 1960 to highlight the Admiral’s Cup international yachting regatta. The watch in the 60’s was water resistant, square and had a sailboat engraved into the back. Today’s additions include a twelve-sided case design and brightly colored nautical pennants on the bezels. Watches are available in: rose gold, yellow gold, two tone and stainless steel. If you have a watch to sell, we buy Corum watches at Village Watch Center. 

Iconic Corum Bubble Watches

Corum is also famous for their line of iconic Bubble watches which were introduced in 2000. With huge domed crystals and playful details, these watches are highly sought after. The XXL has ten limited editions which are rare. They are; Lucifer, Baron Samedi, Bats, Joker and a Royal Flush to name a few. Creative and bold, the Corum Bubble line is sure to turn heads and strike up conversations. If you have an older watch that needs some TLC, we refurbish Corum watches at Village Watch Center. 

Unique Options

Corum has several lines of watches for both women and men. The unique options add to the allure of Corum watches. They offer something for every taste. When style and quality matter and you’re looking for something unique, Corum may have what you’ve been looking for. 

Village Watch Center Buys, Repairs & Refurbishes Corum Watches

Stop in to Village Watch Center for all of your Corum watch needs. We sell, buy, refurbish, do preventative maintenance and repair Corum watches. If you want to get noticed, buy a Corum watch.

If you want to keep it running and in prime condition, visit Village Watch Center. 

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Corum Watches - The Ultimate Luxury Brand

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