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Breitling Watches for a Lifetime

Breitling Watches for a Lifetime

Repairs and Purchase of Breitling Watches in the Boston and Massachusetts

Village Watch Center in Brookline has been serving the Boston and wider Massachusetts area with watch purchases, service, and repairs for some time now. We have had the privilege to serve a wide range of customers of varying tastes. Breitling makes the top of the list for many of our customers, and once they purchase their favorite watch, they want it to last.

The most common repair and maintenance needs we see with Breitling Watches:

  • Impact Damage

This is typically operational error. We forget to take off the watch before performing a task that puts that watch at risk. Often this damage comes down to replacement of exterior part and repair or realignment of delicate interior pieces.

  • Exposure (primarily to water)

Many Breitling watches are water and pressure resistant, but various circumstances can compromise this protection. We are able to clean the watch out, repair and replace damaged components, and test the water resistance again after putting the watch back together.

  • Wear (to the watch band)

Watch bands and connectors are easy to replace to get the watch looking and wearing like new again.

  • Re-lubrication Needed (to the gears)

These small pieces can experience issues with rust and friction wear. Our experts can service and replace these pieces to solve the problem.

  • Battery Replacement

Not all Breitling watches run on battery, but many newer lines do. The watches typically have around a three-year battery life. Customers are relieved when this is the only problem.

  • Balance Wheel Realignment

We can get your watch keeping time like new by getting the balance wheel back in line.

There are other concerns that can arise, but we can help with those issues, too. We understand why customers in the Boston area love their Breitling products both new and classic. Village Watch Center will see that it looks and runs as good as new with all needed repair, service, and maintenance.

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Breitling Watches for a Lifetime

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Breitling Navitimer Chronograph Mens Watch done by Village Watch Center

Breitling Navitimer Chronograph Mens Watch done by Village Watch Center

Breitling watch repair video

Solid Gold, Vintage Men

Solid Gold, Vintage Men's Breitling

Breitling watch repair video

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