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Top Ten Technically Important Electronic Watches

Top Ten Technically Important Electronic Watches

Village Watch Center of Boston appreciates the history of watches and clocks in our work with buying, selling, cleaning, and repairing both electronic and mechanical watches and clocks. With any attempt to list historically significant watches, some will have to be left out, but we believe this countdown gives an interesting history about how the technology progressed through the first few decades of electronic watch technology.

10) Hamilton’s 1957 500 Model

This was the first battery powered watch. Utilizing a combination of mechanical and electric components, it was rushed to market to beat competitors working on the same idea, and as a result, was plagued with problems.

9) Bulova’s 1960 Accutron

The first tuning fork watch increased accuracy by leaps and bounds and was deemed accurate enough for use in space travel and for certification by the U.S. railroad.

8) Hamilton’s 1961 Ventura

Hamilton improved on the 500 Model. It was worn by Elvis in “Blue Hawaii” and helped save Hamilton’s reputation.

7) Centre Electronique Horluger’s 1967 Beta 21

A cooperative of Swiss watchmakers created this prototype model as the first working quartz technology watch. They decided it was not the future of watchmaking. It’s the only watch on this list not released to the public which was a significant event for other watchmakers.

6) Seiko’s 1967 Astron

It was about a quarter of the oscillation of modern watches, but demonstrated the potential of quartz technology.

5) Omega’s 1974 Megaquartz Marine Chronometer

2.4 Mhz high frequency from this timepiece and accurate to +/- 1 second per month.

4) Citizen’s 1975 Crystron 4 Mega

4 Mhz frequency and accurate +/- 3 seconds per year, making it possibly the most accurate self-contained wristwatch ever made, but at a great power cost on the battery.

3) Seiko’s 1978 Twin Quartz

This watch used digital thermocompensation for +/- 5 seconds per year accuracy without the high battery cost.

2) Seiko’s 1988 Kinetic Watch

Digital and solar watches came earlier, but we included this watch in the top ten because it led to many other innovations in electronics not depending solely on the battery charge.

1) Casio’s 1989 GPS Watch

This was the first in an ongoing trend of connected watches which today includes atomic clock synchronized, fitness, medical, and smart watch technologies.

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Top Ten Technically Important Electronic Watches

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