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Tudor Watches – Repair or Purchase – we do it all!

Tudor Watches – Repair or Purchase – we do it all!

There is nothing more valuable than a treasured timepiece, that is passed on from generation to generation. No matter who its from, or to whom it is for, passing on a Tudor watch is magical: it tells stories of families and lineages. At Village Watch Center, we know the incredible bond a timepiece creates and the value it holds, which is why proper Tudor watch repair is our mission. Here is some information about this luxury brand, and the steps we take to service your watch.

What are Tudor watches? 

Tudor is the company behind a line of Swiss luxury wristwatches based in Geneva. A sister company to Rolex, it was started by Hans Wilsdorf in 1926 who believed in pairing a high-quality watch with a lower, more affordable price. He knew that his watch must have the same level of dependability and class that Rolex was famous for, while being available to a wider group of people. The company is known for its dedication to incredible chronometric precision and a commitment to elegance and style. 

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My Tudor watch is working, but how do I make sure it’s in great shape? 

Your watch holds value and meaning, so getting it taken care of is incredibly important. The first step toward this is proper Tudor watch maintenance. It is recommended that watches are serviced every 3-5 years, sometimes more often, depending on the type of watch and its age. We have a thorough and detailed process which includes steps such as diagnosing, cleaning, case polishing, regulating and testing for quality and accuracy. 

My watch is broken, what do I do? 

If you are in need of Tudor watch service in Boston, Village Watch Center is the right place! We offer the best watch repair, whether your watch stopped ticking, has a skipping second hand, or there is moisture under the glass, our watch professionals will help you through every step of process of fixing your Tudor watch.  

Want to buy a Tudor watch for a special someone? 

Buying a Tudor watch is a big occasion, so if you are a bit queasy, don’t worry! When looking for a timepiece, Village Watch Center has your back. We sell a variety of different Tudor watches to fit any style. Whether you are looking for a certain color, watch face or piece from a collection, our watch experts will help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

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Tudor Watches – Repair or Purchase – we do it all!

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most watch, clock & jewelry
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