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Servicing A Rolex: All You Need to Know

Servicing A Rolex: All You Need to Know

A Rolex is a symbol of class and sophistication. The beloved brand has been crafting premium watches since 1905, and this extended history only enhances the appeal. Plus, keeping a Rolex in pristine shape requires only occasional serving and maintenance.

Experience is key. Remember that when it comes time to service a Rolex, you should only trust a reputable watch repair store. We have experience working with all three Rolex watch lines - Oyster Perpetual, Professional and Cellini, including but limited to the following models Datejust, Submariner, Explorer I & II, GMT-Master II, President, Daytona, Yacht-Master, Air King and others.

Here are answers to common questions from owners to get started:

How Often Should You Get a Rolex or Vintage Rolex Serviced?

The company recommends that owners service their Rolex approximately every 10 years. Rolex watches are built to last with waterproofness and resistance to extreme weather conditions, but it's important to keep things running smoothly. Did you know that Rolex's Oyster Perpetual was the first watch to ascend Mount Everest in 1953?  Yours can too with regular maintenance!

For a vintage Rolex, you might want to consider more frequent service. The watches are incredible pieces of craftsmanship, but decades-old parts are quite fragile. Plan to have your vintage Rolex serviced every 5 years or so for ideal performance.

When Should You Service a Rolex?

Beyond the 10-year guideline, be sure to service your Rolex whenever you feel that it's necessary.  Common reasons for additional service include:

  • Time running fast or slow
  • Polishing to restore luster
  • Crown tune-ups
  • Waterproofing and power checks

A Perpetual rotor powers each Rolex watch instead of batteries. While you don't need to replace a battery, it's always a good idea to have the rotor properly maintained.

What Is Done During a Rolex Service?

When you bring your Rolex to Village Watch Center, we'll carefully deconstruct each component for a thorough examination and cleaning. A Rolex watch repair is a delicate process that should always be left to an established professional. The following tasks are performed during regular service:

  • Movements are electronically tested
  • Technical tests are completed to ensure peak performance
  • Lubrication is applied
  • Parts are replaced as needed

Is It Expensive to Service a Rolex?

Prices for servicing a Rolex can depend on the service location, but Village Watch Center is committed to the most competitive prices in the Boston area. We'll make sure that your prized watch is fully inspected and tested without the added fees that others charge.

Now that you know how often to service Rolex watches, call Village Watch Center in Boston to make an appointment!

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Servicing A Rolex: All You Need to Know

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2016 36MM Rolex Datejust with Box and Papers for sale. 

2016 36MM Rolex Datejust with Box and Papers for sale. 

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Rolex Watch Repair Video

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