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Watch Repair service - New Hampshire

Watch Repair service - New Hampshire

Three signals your watch needs repair

A watch is beyond a simple timepiece – it is meant to be a symbol of trust and longevity, a sacred item that is often passed from generation to generation. A watch is meant to last a lifetime, but the wear and tear it goes through on a daily basis, possibly invisible to the naked eye, is stunning. Moisture from precipitation, stresses from dings and clacks against surfaces you bump into, and magnetization, all add up to a need for watch repair. It is important to get your watch checked out right away, because the longer you wait, the more strain is put on your watch, creating a higher chance of full failure. 

Can’t find an experienced shop that offers watch repair in New Hampshire? Not positive you even need it? Here are some common signals that your watch needs to be serviced and should prompt you to contact the Village Watch Center without hesitation. 

1. Your watch stopped ticking. 
If the hands on your watch no longer move there are two possibilities. First, the watch’s mechanism may have faltered, or the battery has died. It may be tempting to try to replace the battery yourself or at a cheap mall stand, but that would be a big mistake. Opening up your watch without proper precautions can severely damage the delicate inside and make it much more costly to fix down the road. 
If you need a watch service in New Hampshire, you are just one postage stamp away!

2. A Skipping Second Hand 
Not all, but many watches come with a built-in feature which notifies you about your battery life beginning to fade away. The second hand will typically jump five seconds, instead of moving evenly, which notifies you that your battery must be changed. Another warning sign may be difficulty adjusting date and time or a quiet watch alarm. It is very important to change your battery on time: a fully dead battery can begin to leak, which can ruin your watch to a level at which repairing it may no longer be possible. 

3. Moisture Under the Glass 
This ominous sign of damage is one of the most important to look out for. Any moisture under the glass of your watch can mean big trouble for its health. Even a tiny amount of liquid can rust the inside of your timepiece, leading to your watch no longer keeping time and eventually stopping completely. Worst of all, fixing rust is extremely difficult for even the best professionals like the ones we have at the Village Watch Center, so servicing your watch as soon as you notice any moisture is imperative. 

Looking to repair your watch from the comfort of your home? Wait no longer! Mail your watch directly to us, and we will promptly notify you about the steps that need to be taken, fix your watch with your permission and mail it back to you. 

Contact Village Watch Center! We can assure you that we are better than any New Hampshire watch repair shop. 


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Watch Repair service - New Hampshire

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