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Wall Clock Repair and Restoration

Wall Clock Repair and Restoration

If you are seeking wall clock repair or wall clock restoration in Boston or if you’re looking for a clock master, horologer or watchmaker you’ve come to the right place!

We have the tools and materials necessary to get your pieces in prime working condition. You shouldn’t trust your clock repair to just anyone. Inexperienced shop workers or online facilities where they ship your pieces offsite can cause loss or damage to your precious items. At Village Watch Center, we have the knowledge, experience and trustworthy reputation that Bostonians demand. 

  • Over thirty years of experience
  • Free estimates
  • Local pick-up and delivery 
  • Competitive pricing 

How It Works

We typically begin wall clock repair by disassembling the unit and cleaning the parts. Because clocks have such delicate, intricate parts they require a special method for cleaning. We use ultrasonic cleaning for wall clock repair that uses high frequency sound waves, perfect for fragile parts. 

After the parts are dried the mainsprings are inspected and repaired if necessary. If plate wear is showing at the pivot holes they are bushed or broached. Pivots are then polished and all gears inspected. The unit is then reassembled, oiled and tested to ensure it is functioning properly and the unit is buffed. We fix; electric timing, movement, main wheels, clock levers, lantern pinions, bearings, bushings and more.


Old clocks require special care and handling. Because clocks are our passion, we understand how important these pieces are to our customers and we treat them with the utmost respect and care. At Village Watch Center in Boston, we can restore your old clock to like-new condition. The clock will still keep its antique look but it will function better and will have a longer life-span. Call us or stop in today for a free estimate.

Our Boston based business gives you personalized, outstanding customer service.


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Wall Clock Repair and Restoration

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