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Table Clocks Repair

Table Clocks Repair

Why have tens of hundreds of people owning clocks brought their admired time-pieces to the Village Watch Center for watch restoration and repair?

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Just for the reason that we are the professionals!

Since 1985, clock holders and collectors from around the globe have trusted their fine timepieces to ace clock makers at our watch repair shop in Brookline for a wide scope of fix and rebuilding services. Out clock professionals implement their knowledge and expertise to every clock they repair.  

Service and table clock repair just got easier!

Our watch professionals have exceptional craftsmanship and valuable experience in the work of repairing antique and mechanical clocks by any manufacturer. Thus, we can help you with:  

Fixing antique clocks
Fixing the pendulum of table clocks
Fixing mechanical clocks 

The most important signals that your clock needs to be fixed are:  

The clock has started to stop
The clock has gone a couple of weeks before the factory
The clock seems to be running to slow or too fast
Even when the clock is fully wound, it still does not work
After a new battery is put in, the timepiece does not work

Table Clock Repairs at The Clock Repair Shop


If you have a clock that holds value to you and your family that needs repair, or you bought an antique clock that you plan to pass down to your children, we can restore your cherished timepiece to its initial glory. With every job we do, we work our hardest to not make any unneeded changes to your valued timepiece. In fact, we can evaluate an estimated price for you clock if desired.

We are eager to listen to any thoughts or questions that you could have, so we look forward to a call from you!

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Table Clocks Repair

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