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Specialized Watch Repair for All of Rhode Island

Specialized Watch Repair for All of Rhode Island

Village Watch Center is your one-stop source for expert watch service. 

Whether it was given as a treasured family heirloom or in recognition of years of service at a job, watches have unlimited possibilities for personal meaning. Regardless of where your watch came from, you deserve to have yours looking its best and functioning properly. It's always best to have your prized possession serviced promptly to reduce the risk of long-term damage, as day-to-day use can cause a variety of potential problems:

  • Battery needs replacing
  • Mechanical failure from collisions with surfaces
  • Presence of moisture beneath the glass

For premiere watch service in Rhode Island, look no further than Village Watch Center. Experienced with a vast array of modern and vintage timepieces, we can keep your beloved piece operating at peak performance.

Here are some common watch issues that we can help fix with expert, professional service:

1. Stopped Watch

The principal cause of a stopped watch can either be related to a dead battery or a mechanical problem within the watch. Though replacing a watch battery can often be a simple process for a professional, attempting to do it yourself or at an inexperienced shop can lead to disastrous consequences. Watches are intricately designed with a large number of small, delicate parts, so for watch repair in Rhode Island, Village Watch Center is always ready to provide expert service.


2. Skipping Second Hand

Some watches come equipped with an end-of-life indicator that automatically senses when a battery has nearly depleted its voltage. The indicator typically will affect the second hand, leading it to make inconsistent movements to alert its owner to the need for a new battery. Other indicators of a low battery include an alarm that rings at reduced volume or difficulty making adjustments. Instead of exposing your watch to the risks that self and inexperienced repairs pose, we'll be happy to receive your watch by mail and assess its needs.


3. Potential Moisture Exposure

The presence of moisture inside of a watch can indicate that your watch has a leak or that its crown has not been properly closed. The cause aside, moisture can lead to irreparable damage if left alone, and even a few droplets of water can begin the rusting process that will render your watch unusable. At the first sign of moisture inside your watch, it's critical that you have it professionally repaired promptly to restore your timepiece to perfect shape. Here at Village Watch Center, we have unrivaled experience in assessing and repairing watches that have been subjected to moisture, so you can rest easy knowing your watch will be in good hands.


Searching for a Rhode Island watch repair shop? No problem! At Village Watch Center, we accept mail-in watches from Rhode Island and beyond. Upon receiving your watch, we will promptly assess its needs and notify you of your options. From there, we can conduct a thorough repair and mail it back so that you can enjoy your fully functioning watch.

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Specialized Watch Repair for All of Rhode Island

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