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Choosing Between a Sligh Clock and a Hermle Clock

Choosing Between a Sligh Clock and a Hermle Clock

Village Watch Center Can Help

We at Village Watch Center of Boston appreciate the subtleties between the best quality time pieces. Since we sell Sligh and Hermle Clocks, buy used Sligh and Hermle clocks, and maintain Sligh and Hermle Clocks, we know the intricacies of both brands. Cleaning a Sligh or Hermle Clock really helps one appreciate the long lasting nature and quality design to these two clocks. Having the honor to fix Sligh and Hermle clocks for customers really builds an appreciation for this level of craftsmanship and the choice that goes into which one is best for a particular customer.

This decision is really not about one being clearly superior over the other. In many ways, it is a comparison of superiority.

Hermle Clocks, Yesterday and Today...

Hermle clocks have a hundred year history over multiple generations of a family of clockmakers. These clocks have a worldwide reputation for excellence and come in many sizes and designs from grandfather clocks on down to wall and mantle designs. In modern times, they have used computerized precision in cutting parts and innovated many automated processes. These clocks now hold quartz accuracy in their current designs. With the classic, antique clocks and the more recent designs, customers particularly like the chime tones of these clocks.

Sligh Clocks Maintain their Classic Designs and Construction...

The company has a hundred and twenty-five year history. They were furniture designers as well as clockmakers, so as much skill went into the cabinets of their grandfather clocks as the workings of the clocks themselves. Using old world designs, these clocks are particularly sensitive to external movements. Winding instructions have to be followed carefully as weight based timing systems operate differently from other timekeeping processes.

Either clock is a classic piece for the home and a great addition to one’s decor.

Contact us at Village Watch Center and come see us to find out which option best serves you. 


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Choosing Between a Sligh Clock and a Hermle Clock

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