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Most Watch & Clock Repairs for New Clients.
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Watch Battery Replacement (most models)
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233 Washington Street, Brookline Village, MA 02445 | Mon-Fri 11:00am - 6:00pm, Sat 10:30am - 5:00pm, Sun - Closed
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Watch repair, Clock repair, Engraving sevice and Jewelry repair


Joan O'Connor
You restored an old mantel clock that my grandmother gave me. Your workmanship is exceptional, grandma would have loved your store.
Dale Midans
I visit you when my watch batteries need to be changed. Your prices are way cheaper than other places.
Mark stuman
I tried to change my own watch battery and ended up breaking the back cover off my watch. The gentlemen working was very nice and he fixed my watch and put a new battery in. Great store, great people.
Marcus Corbit
The clasp broke off of my favorite necklace so I brought it in to be fixed. I was greeted at the door and my necklace was fixed in a matter of minutes. I was impressed. Great service.
Lucinda Carver
I'm from Iowa and was surprised to see a watch repair store in Boston as there aren't many around anymore. Anyway, I took my watch in to be fixed and got it back the same day and it didn't cost much. I wish we had a store like this in Iowa.
Chantelle Williams
Your location and parking are spot on. I came in to get a watchband fixed and you gave me ideas for an engraved watch for my wife's birthday. Guess I'll see you next week!
John Wilkins
My dog chewed up my leather watch band! I was certain I would never find another like it but I was wrong. Your selection is great. Your guy working even shined my watch up for me before I left.
Sharon Onorato
I found a cheap online place that fixes watches and was going to mail my good watch to them.
Michael Barrett
I'm so glad I saw your store and stopped in. You saved me time, money and all the worrying I would have done while it was gone. Thank you!