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Why You Should Never Trust Mail Order Watch Repairs

by on September 15, 2017 in Tips: Jewelry, Engraving, Buy & Sell Why You Should Never Trust Mail Order Watch Repairs

In this day and age, people want things done yesterday. They get rid of perfectly good watches so they can upgrade to something newer, something better, something more exciting. They don’t appreciate the tiny details, the craftsmanship, the history or the true fashion statement that a wrist watch brings. Many people find cheap, online companies that offer watch repair. You mail your watch to them and they fix it and send it back. Many times, people are scammed into believing these companies are legitimate and they mail their watches to them and never see them again! 

Your Boston Watch Specialist

At Village Watch Center your watch will remain in our facility until it is completed fixed or refurbished. We do the work, we have parts available and we will keep your watch safe until you pick it up. We even offer free estimates. We want to be your watch specialist in Boston. We are friendly, trustworthy people. We have been in business a long time. You should never mail a prized possession or anything of value unless you are willing to part with it. There are too many scam artists in the world today who would be happy to take the heirloom watch you mailed for repair. 

Over Thirty Years of Experience

Ask any watch buyer in Boston and they will tell you that for vintage watch repairs in Boston, you have to go to Village Watch Center. We specialize in watch repair, Bostonians know they can trust us for our friendly service, huge selection and affordable prices. We know what makes watches tick, we are master craftsmen with over 30 years of experience in watch making. 

Stop in for a Visit

If you need watch repair in Boston, Village Watch Center wants the opportunity to work with you. Our watch service in Boston goes above and beyond what you might get from an online company and you’ll get your watch back too! 

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