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The History of the Bulova Brand

by on June 13, 2017 in All about Popular clocks and Luxury Watches The History of the Bulova Brand

Back in 1875 a pioneer in the watch industry began his quest to change the way the world looked at time. The man’s name was Joseph Bulova, and he set up shop in downtown New York City. It was there that he worked relentlessly and crafted unique, quality timepieces. This changed everything in the watch making industry. A legend was born. 

Quality Time Pieces

At Village Watch Center, we share some of the same values. We also believe in selling quality time pieces. We offer a wide array of watches and clocks and offer watch repair Boston style. Stop in and visit us if you need watch service Boston or if you want us to assist in finding the perfect time piece. If you are a watch buyer, Boston knows that Village Watch Center has the best service and selection in the area. 

Iconic Bulova Watches

Ask any watch specialist, Boston is the place to be if you are looking for a Bulova watch. The extreme quality and craftsmanship put into the watches is why quality is synonymous with the name. For over one hundred and forty years they have been creating the ultimate in time pieces. Bulova watches have been on 46 NASA missions and some of the first radio and TV commercials. In 2010, they introduced the Precisionist collection. It was as accurate as it was beautiful. In 2016, they again were pioneers in the industry as they released the Curv collection which was the world’s first curved chronograph movement. 

You can find iconic Bulova Brand watches at Village Watch Center in Boston. Let us show you our collection. If you have a Bulova watch that needs repair we have over thirty years of experience in the watch making industry. Stop in to say hello and let us give you a free estimate. 

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