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Jewelry Watch Repair in Brookline, MA

by on November 23, 2014 in Tips: Jewelry, Engraving, Buy & Sell Jewelry Watch Repair in Brookline, MA

A watch isn’t just a watch when it is encrusted with gems or diamonds.

At Brookline Village Watch Center we make jewelry watch repair a painless, easy, simple experience. Stop in anytime for a free estimate or call us, we have a local pick-up and delivery service available. From cracked faces to missing stones, we can assist with all of your watch repair needs.

We understand what it’s like to be without your watch that’s why our jewelry watch repair is done as efficiently as possible. Our expertise and experience allows us to tediously attend to the smallest details. Fixing watches is our specialty; locals have counted on us for their watch repair needs for over three decades.

We offer a full one year warranty in addition to exceptional customer service.

We are dedicated to serving all of your jewelry watch repair needs.

If your car breaks down you take it to a certified mechanic, if you are ill you see a professional in the medical field, the same should hold true for your valuables. At Brookline Village Watch Center only a qualified, educated watch professional will tend to your needs. We have the reputation; the affordable prices and the experience to take care of all of your jewelry watch repair needs.

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