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Hamilton Watches: Because Your Time is Precious!

by on April 23, 2017 in All about Popular clocks and Luxury Watches Hamilton Watches: Because Your Time is Precious!

At Village Watch Center we understand that the world is a crazy busy place. But buying the perfect Hamilton watch won’t be difficult or time consuming if you shop with us. At our store, we provide you with your own personal Boston watch specialist! We can answer questions, show you different models and give you advice on the pieces that would work best for your situation. 

Hamilton Watches Continue to Make History

One thing the Hamilton Watch Company has going for it is longevity. They were founded in 1892 and specialized in pocket watches, specifically those that were accurate railroad watches. To this day, they continue to make history. This spring they will introduce two new models called the Khaki Air Race. These watches will be released during the Red Bull Air Race which kicks off in Abu Dabi, this release celebrates the races 75th anniversary.  These special edition watches will be available in two versions; one in orange with a black dial and the other blue with a grey dial. Both versions will have unique printing on the back, stainless steel cases and black or stainless steel bracelets. 

Personalize Your Hamilton Watch Buying Experience

Village Watch Center wants to be your go-to Boston watch service. From vintage watch repair in Boston to personalizing your watch buying experience, we have the knowledge necessary to ensure you achieve perfection in all of your watch endeavors. If your Hamilton watch is damaged, we offer broken watch repair in Boston. Stop in anytime for a free estimate and see our new line of Hamilton watches. You can’t go wrong with a Hamilton. They are luxurious and dependable, made by a company known for quality and innovation. Hamiltion watches are an investment that can increase in value over time. 

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